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In the Key of Piracy

Publisher: unbekannt
Typ / Land, Jahr: U.S.A.  /  Songbook,1919
Genre: Filk
Themen: Parodien,  

Beschreibung & Titelliste   /   Description & List of Songs


Second Hand Songs (T: Jonathan Turner, M: Jonathan Turner)
Word of God (The) (T: Cat Faber, M: Cat Faber)
As Photons Fly (T: H. Paul Shuch, M: Herman Hupfeld, TTO: As Time Goes By)
Build a Little Piece (T: Gary McGath, M: Gary McGath)
Stayin\' Alive on Babylon 5 (T: Arthur Levesque, TTO: Y.M.C.A.)
Phone Call Blues (T: Lee Gold, M: Lennon & McCartney, TTO: If I Fell)
Field Guide to Common Forms of -ose (A) (T: Howard Kaplan, M: Howard Kaplan)
What Shall We Do With a Statue of Lenin? (T: Jane Sibley, M: Trad, TTO: What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor)
Galaxy\'s Wide (The) (T: Ed Stauff, M: Trad, TTO: Water Is Wide (The))
Running for the Shadows (T: I Abra Cinii, M: I Abra Cinii)
Bounce! (T: Joe Kesselman, M: Sherman Dorn and Dr. Jane Robinson, TTO: Crosstown Bus)
Mews for Maggie (T: Kate Soley-Barton, M: Kate Soley-Barton)
They Did Say They Were Pirates (T: Martha Todd-Prather, M: Leslie Fish, TTO: Paper Sea (The))
Fithp Invasion Song (T: Carol Phillips & Judy Craft, M: Leslie Fish, TTO: Banned from Argo)
Simple Song of Celebration (A) (T: Denise Gendron, M: Denise Gendron)
Distant Voices (T: Gary Ehrlich, M: Gary Ehrlich)
The Mundane Father\'s Lament (T: Cheryl Thompson, M: Lou & Peter Berryman, TTO: Chat With Your Mom (A))
Neofan\'s Lament (T: Juliane Honisch, M: Juliane Honisch)
Magnificent Star (T: Mark Mandel, M: Mark Mandel)
Carolyn Snide (T: Leslie Fish, M: Leslie Fish, TTO: Kerowyn\'s Ride)
Cold Butcher (T: Steve Macdonald, M: Steve Macdonald)
Loki (T: Mark Osier, M: Lodi)



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