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The Book of Common Filk (Fourplay convention filkbook)

Publisher: unbekannt
Typ / Land, Jahr: United Kingdom  /  Songbook,1919
Genre: Filk
Themen: Science Fiction & Fantasy,  

Beschreibung & Titelliste   /   Description & List of Songs


Most Unkindest Cut of All (The) (T: Colin Fine, TTO: Uncle Arthur)
Good Omens (T: Rhodri James, TTO: Johnny\'s So Long at the Fair)
Make it Sleazy (T: Cythia McQuillin, TTO: Take It Easy)
Ballad of Brundle Fly (The) (T: Chris Malme, TTO: Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly)
Mage\'s Lot (A) (T: Tom Nanson, M: Arthur Sullivan, TTO: Policeman\'s Lot Is Not a Happy One (A))
Single Boys of Maidenhead (The) (T: Marion Beet, TTO: Joys of Maidenhood (The))
Those Ose Songs (T: Mike Whitaker & Anne Rundle, M: Mary Hopkins, TTO: Those Were the Days)
Washing Day (T: Anne Rundle & Philip Allcock, M: Meg Davis, TTO: Swing the Cat)
Captain Sidney\'s Malady (T: Philip Allcock, M: Leslie Fish, TTO: Signy Mallory)
Not \'Wanderlust\' - Wonder Lost (T: John Brunner, TTO: Lincolnshire Poacher (The))
It Ain\'t Necessarily So (T: Fourplay Committee, M: George Gershwin, TTO: It Ain\'t Necessarily So)
Aluminium (T: Chris Bell, TTO: Finchley Central)
Any Cold Iron (T: Zander Nyrond, TTO: Any Old Iron)
Bedlam Cats (T: Cythia McQuillin, M: Trad, TTO: Bedlam Boys)
Sister Pagan (T: Chris Bell, M: Leslie Fish, TTO: Brother Christian)
Backward Christian Soldiers (T: Zander Nyrond, M: Arthur Sullivan, TTO: Onward Christian Soldiers)
Thorny Solution (T: Agent Orange, TTO: Spanish Harlem)
Back in the USSG (T: The Committee, M: Lennon & McCartney, TTO: Back in the USSR)
Reluctant Viking (T: Michele Dennis, TTO: When This Bloody War Is Over)
SF Filk Convention (T: Fourplay, TTO: Science Fiction Double Feature)
There\'s A Hole in My Programme (T: Peter Wareham & Gwen Funnell, TTO: There\'s a Hole In My Bucket)
Getting in First (T: Steve Davies, M: Trad, TTO: Whiskey in the Jar)
Drivel (T: Dr. Jane Robinson, M: Dave Van Ronk, TTO: Bamboo)
Ten Green Bottles (T: Zander Nyrond)
Filthy and the Fon (The) (T: Zander Nyrond, M: Dr. Jane Robinson, TTO: Preacher and the Prof (The))
Blue Flame (T: Valerie Housden, M: Valerie Housden)
Enough is Enough (T: Anonymous, TTO: I Am Henry VIII)



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