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Judith Proctor : Some Dream Are Worth Having

Publisher: unbekannt
Typ / Land, Jahr: United Kingdom  /  Songbook,1998
Genre: Filk
Themen: Blake\'s 7,  

Beschreibung & Titelliste   /   Description & List of Songs

18 Blake’s 7 filk songs by Judith Proctor

The songs are all available on Judith’s Blake 7 filk tape
19 Seiten/pages, A5/Trade paperback (March 1998)

Side 1 :
Spirit Of The Seven
I\'ll Always Be A Thief
Avon\'s Love Life
No-one Recalls Your Name
It\'s Lonely When You Never See The Sky
It\'s A Long Way To Cygnus Alpha /
Pack Up Your Toolkit
Come And Join The Army
The Gunfighter
Goodbye Federation

Side 2:
The Liberator
Cruel Is The Snow
Ladies From Hades
Song For Kerril
I Can\'t Remember
Once A Jolly Rebel
The Thingamabob That Does The Job
Sunset On Sarran
Some Dreams Are Worth Having



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