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Filksongs by Wolf von Witting

Publisher: unbekannt
Typ / Land, Jahr: Noch nicht definiert  /  Songbook,1999
Genre: Filk
Themen: about/über Conventions,  about/über Fans,  Science Fiction & Fantasy,  Serien & Filme / TV Shows & Movies,  Star Trek,  

Beschreibung & Titelliste   /   Description & List of Songs

The Baingstoke Edition – February 1999

Artwork (interior by Henry Linder)
Cover is by Wolf von Witting.
Lyrics by Wolf von Witting.

Songs Liste:
Beyond Space and Time
The Laserdome Battletune
The Interplanetary Action President
Space Ranger
The Jem-Hadar
Wreckage on Mars
The Android
Asteroid Belt
My Old Man’s a Cyborg
Jed, the Dead
Swordless Highlander
Ghostriders In the Shire
I Wish I was back home on Terra
The Little Gopher
Human Brains
Sae Will We Yet
Klingon Bat’leth
Spice Girls Rising
Shore Leave
Our Dear Doctor Who
Fell In Love
The London Fangathering’97
The Telefangathering
The Old Conflakes
This Machine
Come to Stockholm
All Around my Con
Jophan’s Journey
May Be
A Handful Infinity


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